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Karina Dresses is a small company that produces wrinkle-free dresses with a vintage feel. And these clothes are proudly made in America. Now that I have worn and washed Karina`s clothes for almost a year now, I can safely say that they are of excellent quality. This garment has been worn and washed at least 30 times and still looks like new. I love that it’s machine washable and won’t break. They are perfect for travel because I can throw them in my suitcase and not even think about it. They are also great for relaxation and wear. I wear them in summer and winter with socks and leggings.

Military dresses are available in sizes XS - 3X (and some styles are also available in sizes XXS and 4X). Their clothes are also quite stretchy for them. My clothes are usually size 6 or medium. Karina dresses fit XS or Small/Medium. In her Megan dress, which is a very fitted and stylish dress, I am wearing a size Small/Medium (below). Both of these outfits suit me.

If you are between sizes on the size chart, I would say it would be best to downsize. The fabrics are very flexible and forgiving, and the smaller sizes work better in the chest area, I think. However, if you want it to look good on the floor (with camouflage), a larger size would be better. I can easily pair the top with the bottom.

All my Karina dresses are incredibly versatile in my opinion. I can easily match them with boots, high heels, sandals or boots. I can also wear them with socks or leggings in the cold. From outings in Russia to resorts in Jamaica, these dresses are worn for fancy dinners, work events, and casual running errands. In my opinion, they go with almost everything. The biggest downside to these clothes is the price. Which is understandable. They are high quality fabrics and made in the USA. They don`t do it in candy stores in China.

However, I understand that this can make them unbearable. The average price of dresses is $108, which is quite high (but again, for good reason. However, some dresses are on end-of-season sales. These sales range from $68 to $88.My Nora Dress is currently on sale for $68. They also have annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that can be from 25% to 30% off sitewide.

Karina`s dresses usually offer longer styles, especially Margaret, but many of her other knee-length dresses are perfect for younger women and women who are too long for classic or look-alike style skirts are very large. "All of their styles have modest collars, so they fit well. I know that the comfortable, easy-to-wear style of this dress will make it one of the most visible items on my doorstep, just like in the summer. Dress." of the year is repeating itself this year."